Hong Kong’s Shopping District: Top Go-to Markets in Kowloon

Hong KongYour vacation in Hong Kong would not be complete without visiting the malls and marketplaces. The city has a number of shopping centres, particularly in its main shopping, arts and entertainment district – Kowloon. It houses all kinds of stores, from high-end shops to street brands.

A number of boutique hotel Kowloon has provides comfortable rooms, but it would be a waste to just spend most of your time locked inside the room. Indulge in the unique shopping experience that the district provides. Get to know the areas where you can spend your money wisely and make the most of your stay.

Tsim Sha Tsui

This place’s department stores and shopping malls offer the latest trends in clothing and accessories. You should not miss the huge shopping and entertainment centre, the fascinating Harbour City. This spot is also the landing area for tourists aboard cruise liners.

Mong Kok

Fancy a vibrant place with organic items to sell? This centre features live houseplants, songbirds and a variety of fish types. The place also offers seemingly endless activities, as shoppers would crowd each and every stall, from one market to another. Mong Kok is even busier in the evening.

Festival Walk

This is a good place to shop and be entertained. It offers an array of shopping essentials fit for every budget; it also features boutique stores with signature labels. It is spacious enough to accommodate an influx of shoppers, day in and day out.

Temple Street Night Market

Aside from being one the liveliest markets in Kowloon, this place also attracts a majority of shoppers as a go-to place for low-cost clothes, open-air street stall food, sports and everyday footwear, accessories, clothes, kitchenware and household items.

Jade Market

If you are looking for charms and jewellery, visit the district’s biggest outdoor market in Jade Street. It is the jewellery wholesale and retail area in Yau Ma Tei that houses mobile street vendors offering almost all kinds of jade rings, pendants and figurines.

There is no better way to spend the holidays in Hong Kong than shopping around in Kowloon.