How Hairstylists Should Deal with Certain Style Requests

Hairstylists fixing a woman's hairWhen it comes to choosing their next hairstyle, women aim for empowerment. The act of going to a hairstylist for a drastic change is empowering in itself, and the resulting look should have the same effect. For a hairstylist such as yourself, you will need to set aside your preferences to figure out what your clients want.

Growing Out Lobs

Those who enjoyed their short bobs might be in a quandary now that longer hairstyles are back in style, all thanks to the revival of 90s fashion. Instead of telling clients to go back to their bob, give them a flattering cut for the length they are growing. Equipment such as hair-thinning scissors helps you achieve this look, as the humid weather makes natural hair frizz up.

Changing Hair Colour

There might be something going on in the life of a client if they go for a drastic colour change. They might be trying out a different style, in which case you will notice a difference in their wardrobe as well. Others want to start a new chapter in life with a different look. A little chat will give you some details, and moisturising hair dyes are your tools for the task at hand. Do not forget to recommend shampoo that will not fade the hair dye quickly.

Going for the Fringe

Big things might be happening if your client goes for a fringe. While it is easy to see if they can rock a fringe of any kind, you will also want to help them figure out if their routine or hairstyle can hold the style. Curly hair is a fringe’s worst enemy; without extensive styling, one’s hair might look like a bird’s nest. Volumising, relaxing or straightening products are what you need.

Your job as a hairstylist is not just about amassing skills and hair knowledge. You also need to empathise with what clients want to give them their best look yet.