Is She Really Into You? Understanding First-Date Body Language

First DateYou’re on a date with the girl of your dreams, and now you’re trying to figure out whether the attraction is mutual. As not all women explicitly state how they feel on a first date (some of them might be waiting for their partner to take the lead while some might take a while before they warm up to people) the best way to find out is by reading her body language.

As long as you know how to decode the silent signals, it’ll be easier to figure out if you are a romantic match for her.

Proximity and Positioning

Pay attention to the angle of her body: people usually move closer towards someone they’re comfortable with and attracted to. It’s a good sign if she leans into you, mimics your gestures, or moves into your personal/intimate zone. If she “accidentally” touches you, make no mistake about it — she’s definitely interested.

Laughter and Smiles

The easiest indicator of interest and flirtation are laughter and smiles during a date. According to, nothing says “I like you” more than when your date flashes her dazzling smile at you. Women enjoy a sense of humor during a date, and if she smiles a lot while you talk to her and jokes around with you, then chances are there will be a second date.

Eye Contact

When you notice her maintaining extended eye contact, then it’s a clear sign of interest and engagement. Playful attempts at flirting may come in the form of her looking away nervously and smiling whenever you try to make eye contact with her, or when she bites her lip while talking to you. Pay attention to see if she’s batting her eyelashes: frequent blinking is a natural reaction to nervousness and attraction.

If you receive good responses during the date, then keep flirting with her but be careful not to put all your cards out on the table. It’s only the first date, after all, so it’s best if you keep everything light and casual.