Jewelry Can Be More Than an Ornament

Beautiful woman with jewelryWhen you choose the jewelry pieces to wear with your outfit, you’re thinking about how you look and what accessories add to the ensemble. You add or remove pieces as you see fit, depending on whether you feel you’re over-accessorized or under-accessorized.

But there are pieces that can turn into staples. When you’re running out of time, simply reach for the following and you’ll be good to go:

A Customized Necklace

Whether it’s a gift from a special person or something you’ve asked a jeweler in Salt Lake City to customize for you, it’s bound to have enough character to take your outfit to the next level. Now, if you don’t have a piece of jewelry like this just yet, don’t worry. It’s only a matter of looking at available designs and customizations or talking to your trusted jeweler to come up with a good piece you can use to elevate your look.

A Quality Watch

You may not be expecting anything extreme during the day, but what if you get caught in an activity that requires exposure to the elements? Swimming and other activities may damage a cheap watch, and you having to take the accessory off only means exposing its quality before it even gets soaked. A watch is a good investment, so choose the best your money can buy.

A Simple Pair of Earrings

Earrings and hairstyles should complement each other. Your whole outfit will look classy if you get the pairing perfectly. But you don’t need a hundred pairs of earrings so you’ll have the perfect one for each outfit. Consider the kinds of clothes you usually go for and find a pair of earrings that will go with most of them. If you know the styles that go with your face shape, hairstyle, and neckline, a simple accessory can be reused a thousand times without looking boring.

Accessories are there to improve your look, but your look shouldn’t be just about them. Find that balance and develop your style with the staples in your closet.