Keep Calm and Just Keep Cycling

BicycleWith the march of progress upon today’s generation, people see less and less of some well-loved and two-wheeled modes of transportation — bicycles.

According to journalist reports, the growth of cycling in Brisbane is stunted as people rely more on their automobiles. Most Australians prefer to get from one point to another with their trusted car or by bus.

Despite current societal norms, you can still go against the flow and choose to ride a bicycle. After all, a little ride on your bicycle is beneficial and relaxing at the same time. Also, the city boasts paths by the river and other beautiful sceneries suitable for cyclists.

The Many Reasons You Should Bike

You might ask: ‘Why should I ride a bike?’

When you ride a bike, you grant your body the exercise it needs. It also provides a gateway to relaxation and thrill as you explore the city.

Apart from health benefits, riding a bike also offers convenient transportation. Rather than spend on gas or cab or bus fare, you can ride your bike to work if it is only nearby.

The Bicycling Essentials

Choose a bike that’s perfect for your body weight and size. Fortunately, you have endless options in style, colour and bike type. suggests determining the kind of cycling you want to do first. Bikes you can choose for your preferred style of cycling are:

  • Road – great for fitness training, long distance cycling, or competition. These bikes are best for paved roads.
  • Mountain – Mountain bikes are for you if you love rugged or rural cycling. There are different sub-types of mountain bikes, but they are all basically for off-road and heavy terrain cycling.
  • BMX – if you are looking for thrill rides and fun bike tricks, you can get a BMX bike and have all the fun you want.
  • Touring – ideal for leisure activities. With storage capabilities, you can enjoy time off work or school by having a picnic with friends after riding your bicycles.
  • Cruiser – Choose a cruiser bike where your comfort is of utmost priority. Perfect for long distance biking.

Do not miss out on the fun that comes with riding a bike. Drop by the nearest bike store and stretch your legs for the wonders that come with your new 2-wheeled friend.