Looking for a Lawyer: 4 Traits That Show You’ve Found a Skilled Attorney

skilled lawyersIt’s a given that lawyers are confident and smart professionals. This is why they’re entrusted with tasks that include speaking up for people who need representation in the courtroom or explaining long terms and conditions in a way that clients — regardless of educational background — could understand.

Here’s a detailed look at the key skills that competent lawyers can show.

Collaboration Skills

Be it estate attorneys here in Utah or divorce attorneys in New York, lawyers have to be skilled and ready when it comes to collaborating with their clients and colleagues. Working together allows lawyers to get insight from one another, which is useful because one might only see the case he or she has from one point of view.

Collaboration removes any uneasiness that lawyers might feel from their peers and compels them to express their thoughts more openly.

Emotional Intelligence

While lawyers distance themselves from emotion that might cloud their judgment, a certain level of emotional intelligence still helps them. For example, a lawyer would be more aware and receptive when their colleague expresses that he or she needs to see more effort or improvement from the lawyer.

An emotionally intelligent lawyer, according to Jordan Furlong, is sensitive to the needs of their peers.

Financial Literacy

This comes in handy when the client is a business or an entrepreneur. Lawyers will need to have a working knowledge of things like calculating profit margins, balancing ledgers, or simply understanding the reasoning behind the client’s fees.

Once a lawyer gets trained to become financially literate, they could perform both law and accounting duties, raising their professional value.

Technological Affinity

With today’s rapidly advancing computers and technology, lawyers should keep up with the times if they don’t want to become an outdated professional. Skills like managing a social following, creating a document, an Excel file, or a PowerPoint presentation will enable the lawyer to prove his or her case in court.

In conclusion, lawyers can help you in case you need legal assistance. However, clients should be wise in picking a lawyer who is not only confident, but also skilled in collaboration, technological stuff, accounting, and understanding their peers.

Without lawyers, people would find it harder to settle arguments in court than they do now.