Lumineers: Not All Veneers are Created Equal

SmileLumineers are specifically developed to be super thin (approximately as thin as contact lenses), so a dentist will be able to apply them over the teeth to feature a smile that looks as natural as possible.

Why Lumineers is The Best Veneers Around

Conventional veneers are basically thicker than Lumineers. The time-consuming and grueling procedure of applying these normally requires anaesthetics to alleviate pain and sensitivity. It usually needs temporary acrylics for at least two weeks in between dental visits. On the other hand, the application Lumineers involves a minimally invasive, painless technique that, more often than not, doesn’t require anaesthetics and temporaries. According to Scott W. Grant, DMD, you can use Lumineers to:

  • Make Your Smile Look More Perfect: Lumineers can turn your beautiful smile into a perfect one in only two, pain-free short dental appointments.
  • Repair Chipped Teeth: If you have visibly chipped teeth, Lumineers can be applied over your teeth, effectively restoring them quickly and without pain.
  • Permanently Lighten Discoloured or Stained Teeth: Even with the best dental care, your teeth can be discoloured or stained over time. If you don’t want the trouble and pain that come with conventional teeth whitening options, Lumineers is ideal for you.
  • Realign Crooked Teeth: While braces are normally used for fixing crooked teeth, most don’t want to experience the embarrassment and pain of having braces. Lumineers offer a fast, straightforward, and painless alternative to conventional braces.
  • Eliminate Gaps and Spaces in Between Teeth: If you have visible gaps and spaces you wish to hide, Lumineers is a great option, especially if you want to keep your original teeth untouched.
  • Reshape Misshapen or Tiny Teeth: Most people are averse to having conventional veneers since the procedure usually requires grinding down the teeth. Lumineers, on the other hand, will simply be positioned over your disproportionate teeth and rarely require grinding down or removal of teeth.
  • Restore Worn Dental Work: Worn out bridges or crowns will make you look older than you really are. They will also loosen over time. Lumineers may be positioned over worn dental work in a breeze, effectively hiding them and keeping them in place.