Make the Moment Memorable: Avoiding Common Marriage Proposal Slip-ups

Man proposing to his fianceeProposing to the love of your life is something you should do with preparation. Otherwise, the event will be memorable for the wrong reasons. Some overlook the preparation phase, thinking that the candidness of the act will make it memorable.

But things will not always go that way. Preparation is still the key, and it will also reduce your jitters and other anxieties. If you think that this is difficult, you don’t have to worry. The best that you should do is keep everything simple. As they say, simple is beautiful.

Below are some things that you should keep in mind.

Telling everyone about your plan

The easiest way to kill the excitement is by telling everyone about your plan. You may tell a few people, but expect the news to reach your partner. What you need to do is choose the people with whom you will share your plans. They could be your brother, sister, or your best friend.

Proposing in front of many people

You have surely seen countless of videos showing the romantic gesture that is proposing to someone in front of many people. This may be cute, but you have to think carefully when it comes to this. Doing this causes pressure to the other party, and that pressure is what may prompt them to say, “YES!”

Keep the ring in the right place

Many people make the mistake of surprising their loved one by placing their ring in places, like a wine goblet, cake, and the likes. This may be harmful and may kill the vibe if not executed properly. Just offer your ring and keep things simple. And once you get past this, it’s time to buy your wedding rings from AAA Jewelers in Utah.

Again, keep things simple. Simple is always beautiful, and not to mention, memorable.