Making the Most of Your Singapore Tour

singaporeIt is as they say: ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’ In this case, the Singaporean way is all about efficiency and the value of time. Taking into account the limited time and money of travel, how can you maximise the time and money that you have?

Let this article help you.

Local Food Places

The posh places in the metro are attractive, but these same places with expansive interiors come with a hefty price. The thing is, these expensive places do not really represent the taste and experience that Singapore has to offer. What you want is the local experience.

Try the places where locals eat. These places will not only cost you very little, but it will give you the real taste and experience of Singapore.

Festivals and holidays are your bane and greatest weapon

Take advantage of all the holidays in the region. These holidays pave way for free passes to various attractions. If you are lucky, you can even experience their festivals and pop-up markets. These events are full of colour and really offer an experience of a lifetime.

Don’t lose track

With the number of attractions in this small state, it can be quite difficult to keep track. The trick here is to schedule accordingly and to plan your trip per step. This means that you should plan the geographic factors as well. While you can rest assured that the transportation systems in Singapore are top-notch, be prepared to move around if you want to go places and to maximise your day.


Look out for discount deals, coupons, and if possible, grab any available Sentosa pass that comes your way, suggests. A good Sentosa pass is the ultimate deal as it will give you package deals on events, restaurants and attractions. It is possible to enjoy all these things even with a limited budget.

Singapore is one of the best places in Southeast Asia. Book your trip and make sure to open your eyes to places beyond the packaged tour!