Never Too Early for Education

Child Education in Singapore It is never too early to encourage your children to learn. Just ask Singaporean parents, and they will tell you that you can give your children a head start in school and education.

Pre-Schoolers in “School”

Back in 2014, there was a report that more and more children are being enrolled in pre-school enrichment classes. Parents were anxious for their kids because of the very competitive environment in Singaporean schools. They were also worried about the standards of education at the primary level. These are some reasons why they chose to enter their kids in enrichment classes.

Many Ways for Learning

You may be a parent who feels the same way as the mentioned parents. You may want to encourage your children to learn early and to love learning itself. You can then choose from the many enrichment centres and teaching methods in Singapore today. Two teaching methods you may know are Heguru or Shichida.

Henmi Educational General Laboratory = Heguru

Heguru is a specialized early childhood education method which encourages right brain development. Heguru has been improved and refined for over 30 years. Instead of focusing on how to teach better, Heguru helps develop a child’s ability to learn.

Good Children to be Good Adults

According to the Heguru website, the method not only dedicates effort in early childhood education but also in fostering children who will grow up to be responsible and mature adults. The Heguru method is said to develop the “good hearts” of your children.

Wholesome Take on Education

Now, the Shichida method is another system of teaching which also focuses on right brain development. Similar to the Heguru method, Shichida looks at the child’s learning abilities and character formation in order to nurture a child right.

Encouragement of Crucial Abilities

Even when it is said to focus on the right brain, Shichida still aims for whole-brain education for the child. Some abilities Shichida aims to develop are photographic memory, long attention span, and creative imagination, among others.

Whether you choose Heguru or Shichidia, a child’s early education may help your child to better learn in school and to love knowledge and education. Your child may just become someone you will be proud of.