Patient Options: Choosing the Right Place to Receive Hospice Care

Quality Hospice Care in IndianaWhen you're at the end of your life due to illness or failing health, hospice care becomes an excellent option for you and your family to take. You can even choose where you would want to receive your hospice services.

Keep these things in mind when making a good selection: 

Home – Despite receiving hospice care in a special facility, there are patients who would like to spend the remaining time they have left at home in the presence of those they love. But, they also do not intend to burden their family members with their presence, so they choose to receive hospice care in their personal residences.

Hospice Center – If the house is not the most comfortable place to be, for whatever reasons there may be, then you can choose to be in a hospice home facility. With this option, you are sure to be in a quiet and comfortable environment and you can easily request assistance from the hospice care team at the touch of a button.

Nursing Home – There are elderly parents living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities who also want to receive hospice care. If you currently reside in any of the aforementioned facilities, then it's highly recommended to receive your hospice care there because you've already settled in. With this arrangement, your nursing home can take care of your general needs while the hospice team can focus on your comfort and symptom treatment.

Hospital – If you've just come from a period of curative treatment then you can choose to receive care in the hospice ward of the hospital of your choice, provided there is one. Not only will hospice care be accessible, you'll also be able to easily continue treatment for your illness.

Study your options carefully before making your final selection. It may mean continuous transport and adjustments if you keep changing venues and your health may not be able to take it. Though you are offered many choices, what's important is that you select the one you're most comfortable with.