Planning an Extra Special Anniversary for Your Man

Ski EquipmentsEvery year on your anniversary, your man makes you feel extra loved by planning everything for this special day. This year, however, why don’t you switch places with him and do all the work for a change?

Check out some suggestions for making your anniversary extra memorable for your man.

Give something special

Of course, you always get something for your man something on your anniversary, but why not try to make it more special this time. Perhaps, you’re going snowboarding this coming winter, and he still doesn’t have any gear. That’s your chance to buy him a set. Pedigree Ski Shop recommends getting a men’s down snowboard jacket, gloves, and boots. If you can get your hands on them, the limited edition LeBron James ‘Equality’ sneakers that your man’s dying to have are a great gift idea, as well.

Go somewhere special

There’s always a place a person longs to go, and your man is probably no different. Dip a little into your savings and make travel arrangements to your man’s dream destination. If he’s into architecture, you can take him to Rome to see centuries-old but well-preserved structures. You can also go somewhere close to his heart and visit his hometown, so he could catch up with his family and old friends.

Do something special

Lastly, as long as you plan activities you don’t usually do, you and your man can still go out on a simple yet memorable date. You can, for example, prepare a picnic basket with all his favorite food and spend some quiet time together by the lake. If you’re looking for a more exciting activity, however, consider having a fun-filled and adrenaline-rushing time playing with or against each other on a paintball range.

Your anniversary will always be a special occasion for you and your man. But you can make it extra special for him (and you as well) by planning everything yourself this time around.