Pre-Wedding Rituals: Proposing To Your “The One”

Wedding ProposalDifferent videos of the most romantic proposal that go viral each day just increases women’s expectation of how their boyfriends will propose to them and you, as a guy, just keep running out of creative ideas. Just so you know, there was a video on a certain Daniel Pena showing his promposal (prom proposal) to his girlfriend Alex and it did not exactly go well as she called it “a s****y way” to ask someone to prom.

Whether asking a girl to go to prom with you or to get married, make it so special even her father will say “YES!”

The One Master

Ask someone’s help. Go to her family and friends and try to squeeze out ideas off of them. No one knows your girl like they know her. Maybe there was a time when she talked about her dream proposal to her best friend. You do not have to do exactly as it should be, but at least you have a good head start. You may also ask your parents about this, especially your dad.

The One Hobby

Since you are marrying her, it is safe to say that you do know her well. For the proposal, make room for something that she loves (besides you). For instance, if she loves books then maybe you can make a book-like box for the ring. But please, for the love of all the best-est authors there is and there was, do not ever carve a ring box out of the pages of her favorite book if you want to live long enough to finish saying, “Will you marry me?”

The One Song

It is not necessarily required to have a background music but it sure will add good romantic chills especially for her. The best music is not the one written by Ed Sheeran (no offense here) but the one you both connected to as a couple. It does not have to be on top of the Billboard charts but it needs to be on top of her heart.

The One Ring

You never propose without a ring (except for proms). For the whole proposal arrangement, you really do not need to spend extravagantly as you have the engagement party and the wedding to look forward to, but you might want to go a long way for the ring because this will last forever. An unusual ring from Rings Unique, with a big diamond or no diamond at all, is your best shot. Your girl will definitely appreciate the uniqueness of the ring, especially if it was custom-made only for her.

Above all else, the most important thing is your love for each other and no amount of money spent on a proposal can ever beat that. As for the young couple, Daniel and Alex, she said ‘yes’ but she felt really bad, that she actually cried on cam and apologized about what she said.