Shopping for Ski Pants: Watch Out for These Ratings

SkierWhen planning an outing to the slopes, having the right equipment will go a long way to help you enjoy yourself. Though most skiers pay attention to their skis and poles, a few do so when selecting their clothing. One of the essential items of clothing to evaluate carefully is the ski pants.

To help you pick the right one, you should pay attention to the ratings of the available Obermeyer ski pants. These indicate various factors that will affect the performance of the pants you choose.

Warmth Rating

Keeping warm when skiing is vital. Some people stay warm when skiing and hence warm or insulated pants are not an essential requirement for them. Others, however, get very cold. Pants rated as slightly warm only feature light insulation or lining while insulated ones suffice for the average cold. Warmer pants have synthetic or down insulation that is ideal for consistently cold weather.

Waterproof Rating

This denotes the saturation point at which pants will allow permeation of water. A high waterproof rating generally means the pants will keep you dry in wet conditions. The scores are indicated in millimeters. A >20,001mm waterproof rating is reserved for pants with waterproof and water repellent coatings while 10,001mm to 15,000mm is ideal in moderate snow and light rainfall. In light snow and average rainfall, 5,001mm to 10,000mm suffices.


Very breathable ski pants will help you maintain a consistent temperature. The breathability rating is indicated in grams with 20,001g being the highest rating. For skiers who sweat time and again, 15,001g to 20,000g is ideal while 10,001g to 15,000g will suffice for moderate ski activity.

Getting the right outfitter to buy your ski pants from is as essential as picking the proper rating from the above for them. You will come across various outfitters but settle for one that is tried and tested. This way, you can get the highest quality pants on the market.