Should I Repair or Replace My Front Door?

Wooden front doorHomeowners tend to forget their front doors and only give it notice when they’re renovating their homes or considering repainting. But your front door provides important benefits that you might not realize, and when the time comes that it fails to live up to its essential functions, you need to determine whether to repair it or replace it entirely. With this in mind, below are telltale signs that could indicate whether to repair or replace your front door.

The Locks, Hinges, and Handles are Broken

If you have an older front door that requires repairing the locks, hinges, and handles, consider buying a replacement door instead. This is especially true if you’ve repaired these components countless times since investing in a new front door could outweigh the costs of inefficient insulation and annual repairs.

You Feel Drafts Coming From Underneath Your Front Door

Drafts could very easily interfere with your home’s meticulously controlled climate and are a clear indication that your door is no longer energy efficient as it once was. According to a well-known door retailer in Salt Lake City, newer door replacement options could help in keeping the heat outside during summertime and inside during wintertime. You could also consider updating your weather stripping and adding a door sweep for maximum energy efficiency.

You See Water Pooling Under Your Front Door

The main problem with a leaky front door is the possibility of the wooden frame rotting, which could then require repairs to the frame and the door, or a replacement if there’s significant rotting. It’s also best to have your house checked since water pooling under doors might likewise indicate structural problems.

Your Front Door Can’t Keep Noise Pollution Out

One of the vital functions of your front door is to keep noise pollution out, or significantly reduce it at least. This is very important especially if your home is on a high-traffic or busy area. If your front door isn’t able to keep the noise from going into your home, you might need a front door with better insulation.

Being aware of these signs could help you figure out when it’s the right time to repair or replace your home’s front door. And while a durable and long-lasting door could set you back some money, its low maintenance, smooth operation, energy efficiency, and updated aesthetic would be more than worth your cash.