Teeth Whitening Isn’t Something You Want to DIY

Teeth WhiteningEvery smile gives a person a sense of visual affirmation. That is why a great smile is often associated with successful and confident individuals. However, for most, having pearly white teeth is a lucrative dream only available to those with enough resources to try different whitening procedures.

According to SmileTimeFamilyDental, a Brisbane-based practice offering wisdom tooth removal, it’s just normal for each individual to have different teeth characteristics; some may have naturally white teeth and others may not.

But, if you don’t have that white colour, this doesn’t mean you should take it upon yourself to correct this slight problem.

The Danger of DIYing Teeth Whitening

There are a lot of online circulations that teach how to whiten teeth and chances are, you tried a 'tip' or two before, only to find out that nothing really works. While some of the advice make sense, like using a baking soda paste, in reality, baking soda is used as a hard surface cleaning material. It's not for the teeth. The last thing you want to do is create more problems, like bleeding gums, which may be caused by the aggressive chemicals found in baking soda.

Yellowish Teeth are Natural, But May Be Improved

Baby teeth are naturally whiter than an adult’s teeth simply because they’re not yet exposed to discolouring and corroding elements. Just as there are a number of ways to whiten the teeth, there are also several ways to discolour them, such as natural genetic markers, antibiotics and certain foods. Keep in mind that the largest contributors to stained teeth are bad habits such as smoking and drinking juices that may corrode the teeth. 

Professional Whitening Procedures

Dentists will always be the best individuals to consult to whiten your teeth. Not only do they have the right kind of information, you’re also usually covered by a warranty of the service. But as previously mentioned, some people naturally have darker teeth due to genetics. An in-office whitening procedure only affects the eight front teeth, and it’s up to you to maintain the result.

White teeth are hygienic symbols. The better you take care of your overall health, the clearer it shows in your smile.