The Gospel Based Rehab Solution for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Rehabilitating From Alcohol And Substance Abuse In FarmingtonAlcohol and substance abuse are major problems facing today’s society, with believers not being spared either. Since these problems touch on the core of their faith, the gospel based rehabilitation centers have become more popular. There are many such treatment centers in Farmington. To assist you, and your loved ones battling these issues, the rehab center approaches your problem by inculcating gospel principles in the addiction models.

Psychodynamic Addiction Model

Under this model, substance use is considered a self-medication and therefore, a prescription drug abuse occasioned by psychological and emotional issues. With this in mind, the gospel based rehab centers will assist you to overcome the guilt of the choice you made when you first started using the drugs. On another hand choice is presented as a gift from God that you will need as you take your first steps to recovery. The extent of your problem will determine the program suitable for you. You can get substance abuse treatment programs run by faith-based centers in Farmington such as the Renaissance Ranch Outpatient. The highly trained professionals will assist you to cope with life in and outside the rehab center after undergoing treatment.

Disease Addiction Model

The disease model of dependency considers addiction as a disease of genetic, biological and environmental origin. Alcohol addiction is considered a result of genetic factors and neurological deficiencies combined. Hence alcoholism is considered a chronic disease. Assuredly, any disease requires clinical treatment through the use of drugs. However, you can develop drug tolerance necessitating the application of the gospel based solutions. Any healing is determined by your faith in the treatment process and the power of God. Hence, the gospel perspective will present to you the will of God for your well-being in spirit, soul and body.

Social Addiction Model

The social model asserts that drug and alcohol addictions are products of the environment. In other words, your behavior is influenced by your surroundings.  Luckily enough this model emphasizes the need of social healing. The gospel-based rehab center capitalizing on this idea points you to the family setting in all its forms as God’s plan.  You will draw strength from the fact that in the rehab centers there are other believers battling alcohol and substance abuse, and you will be assisted together in the healing process.

Thus, the gospel based rehab centers with highly qualified and prepared staff will help you in the addictions recovery process. Everyone in the center shares your religious values helping you feel loved, hastening your recovery.