The Lesser-Known Impact of Losing a Tooth (Or Teeth)

Missing ToothAlthough some people consider gaps in between their teeth only as aesthetic flaws, these spaces can actually bring more problems than just that. Caused by tooth/teeth extractions, accidents, neglect, or age, these gaps can weaken the tissues and muscles in your mouth and can even lead to jawbone disintegration or deterioration.

Fortunately, you have several options when it comes to filling in those gaps. One is through obtaining dental implants from in Northern Ireland.

Implants: A Quick Overview

Depending on the number of teeth you need replacement for, you can either undergo a single-tooth implant or have several created for multiple teeth replacement. It is important you schedule an initial consultation though, as the oral health care provider would first have to determine you are a good candidate for this appliance.

Popularity of Implants: Why People Choose to Invest in Them

Health-related advantages of a dental implant tooth replacement include no risk of decay and decreased risk of periodontal (gum) disease. There is also a decreased risk of abutment tooth decay, endodontic (root canal) failure, and improved aesthetics since the adjacent teeth remain un-capped. Psychological advantages are significant as well, especially with congenitally missing teeth (“con” – without or missing, “genital” – birth).

The Implant Advantage

A dental implant does not only look like a natural tooth; it also functions like one. A properly-placed and well-taken care of implant reduces the stress placed on your remaining teeth, as it enhances bite support. It also aids in improving your chewing and biting abilities. Lastly, it considerably minimises the risks of your remaining teeth from shifting.

When you have suffered from tooth loss, whatever the reason is, you should not delay treatment. Doing so will just lead to more health issues, and not just those affecting your teeth and gums. Seek immediate dental attention so that you can avoid suffering from bone deterioration.