The Right Fit: Braces Options to Suit Your Needs

Dental Braces in South JordanDespite the introduction of different cosmetic treatments, braces have come a long way and is still a popular choice among patients who want to straighten their teeth. If you or your child needs teeth straightening or a better bite, here are your choices:

A Colorful and Sparkling Smile

Metal braces are the most commonly used types of braces. Redwood Orthodontics noted that they’re the most effective since they treat most orthodontic disorders, and most orthodontia in South Jordan offer them. The elastic bands that go with metal braces come in a variety of colors, allowing you to either go low-key or show an entire rainbow with every smile.

The downside to traditional metal braces is that they’re visible and may cause self-consciousness, especially in children. Consuming certain hard and sticky food also becomes limited.

What’s Behind that Smile

Lingual braces are metal braces attached to the back of the teeth. This makes them almost entirely invisible. This, however, has a downside since it will be more difficult for you to clean. You will need extra dental cleaning tools, especially for flossing. This type can also take longer for your orthodontist to adjust.

A Pearly White Smile

Ceramic braces make use of a bracket and wire. Unlike metal braces, the brackets are tooth-colored, allowing them to blend into the tooth. Some orthodontists might also use tooth-colored wire to complete the look. They are more costly than metal braces, but just as effective. The disadvantage to ceramic is that they stain more easily, so you may want to spend extra time with your oral care.

Keeping It Clear and Simple

Clear aligner trays (Invisalign) are made of BPA-free plastic and need replacement every couple of weeks. Fortunately, these remove restrictions when it comes to eating since you can remove them. You must remember to brush your teeth 30 minutes every after meal to avoid staining. Not all orthodontic disorders are treatable using aligner trays, though.

All kinds of orthodontic require frequent checks. If you live in South Jordan, choose an orthodontist in the area. Not only is it convenient but, in case of an emergency, you can contact and visit them right away for the necessary adjustments.