The Use of Botox and Dermal Fillers in Dental Treatments

TeethMost people think that Botox and dermal fillers are for cosmetic purposes only, so many of them are surprised to find out that even dental practices offer them. If you have not yet offered these medications to your patients, then now is the time to know more about what it can do for your practice.

By taking a Botox and dermal fillers course offered by accredited providers, you will be able to understand how these medications are beneficial in the dental industry. Here is some info to help you get started:

Gummy Smile

A gummy smile happens when a person has small teeth, excessive gum tissue and hyperactive upper lip. People who have this often control their smile because they are conscious about their appearance. Others even prefer not to smile at all. Botox help minimise the appearance of the gums by weakening the lip muscles, so the upper lip will not stretch as high. These can help people whose lips become thin while smiling, as well.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder

Botox and dermal fillers may serve as an alternative treatment for jaw tension and facial pain. These help reduce the intensity of muscle contractions, soreness and discomfort, providing patients with immediate relief. These help minimise lockjaw and ease headaches caused by teeth grinding.

Eating, swallowing and talking are only some of the important functions that the TMJ supports. If patients overwork or displace the TMJ, then a sharp pain in the jaw might take place. Botox and dermal fillers helps relieve tension by relaxing the strong unconscious movements of the jaw.

Dental Appliances

Braces may help align the structure of the teeth, but there is no assurance that the teeth will not move after removing the brackets. Botox has the ability to reorient the Best Music Gadgets muscles during orthodontic therapy, keeping the teeth aligned. These are beneficial for people who are fitting dentures for the first time, as they help relax the muscles.

These are only some of the uses of Botox and dermal fillers for different dental conditions. As a dentist, you might want to start offering these to your patients to help improve their experience.