Think You Can Have Pearly Whites Right Away? Think Again

Pearly White TeethFor many people, only people who have the money and who have high social status can sport bright and white teeth. However, there is more to a glorious smile than just this. Almost anyone can have them, and those who do boast of them enjoy more than just great-looking teeth.

And while a lot of consumers think that teeth featuring all these nice qualities are nothing but mere cosmetic issues, they actually have a lot to do with health as well. In addition, there are certain challenges to overcome before one can achieve a glorious smile.

Damages and discolouration

The hard material covering the teeth, called enamel, protects the tooth and gives it its white colour. Although hard, shiny, and extremely strong when a tooth first emerges and when treated with care, it can still sustain damages and discolouration over time.

The ageing process, combined with smoking, drinking coloured-beverages such as coffee, wine, tea, and carbonated drinks, as well as eating acidic foods too much can all contribute to these problems.

More than just yellowed, stained, and unappealing-looking teeth

When you do not take good care of your teeth, you can expect its appearance and health to degrade. Aside from yellowing and/or staining, the protective enamel can also crack, chip, and give way to bacteria that can eat it away. Once this takes place, you will face the more serious problem of decay (also known as cavities or carries), which can also lead to gum diseases.

The way to pearly whites and improved oral hygiene

Teeth whitening procedures carried out by licenced cosmetic dentists in Edinburgh can do more for your teeth than just giving them their original great-looking whiteness. Of course, you will once again enjoy smiling because you have white teeth to show off. However, this, in itself, can already do wonders to your mental and emotional health, as smiling more with pearly whites increases your self-confidence and self-esteem.

And because you want to keep your teeth the way they are after the teeth whitening procedures, you will surely want to take better care of them, leading to improved oral hygiene.