Three Practical Tips for Healthy Eyes when Using Contact Lenses

Woman wearing contact lensesContact lenses are comfortable and convenient for daily use. They eliminate the bulkiness of spectacles and make eyewear less cumbersome. But if handled inappropriately, they could create a conducive environment bacterial overgrowth and cause infections. This is more so if the flow of tears reduces, their use is extended or you do not observe proper hygiene. To avoid this, it is essential to follow the guidelines of the eyewear manufacturers or those given by the eye care professional. These include:

Taking Care of the Lenses

While rigid gas-permeable contact lenses are the safest, care is essential that all contact lenses maintain healthy eyes. Always wash your hands with water and soap before handling the eyewear. Minimising their contact with water is crucial too. Remove your lenses before going swimming and do not rinse or store them in water. Adhere to the set schedule while wearing and replacing them. To avoid contamination, replace their case and always keep it clean.

Proper Handling of the Cleaning Solution

The contact lens solution could also be a source of infections if mishandled. Follow manufacturer instructions while cleaning the contact lenses. Do not use an old solution or transfer it into other containers as this is likely to affect its sterility. Handle the bottle with caution, keep it closed when not in use and prevent its tip from touching other surfaces.

Eye Care

Just like caring for the eyewear, caring for your eyes is also important to keep on keeping infections away. Always remove the contacts if you encounter unusual symptoms such as pain, light sensitivity, redness, eye boogers, and swelling. Avoid using substandard decorative contacts as they could damage your eyes.

Even with the recommended care, it is important to note that contact lenses expire too. To keep accuracy and have an appropriate prescription, annual check-ups are necessary. Always remember to get your eyes examined in time to curb any potential hazards prompted by using eye contact lenses.