Treat Malocclusion the Invisible Way: Getting Clear Braces

Clear BraceWhen suffering from dental problems that require correction, braces are the most common treatment. However, as anyone with metal braces will attest, it’s inconvenient, painful, and unsightly. Fortunately, technology has come up with clear braces. It does the same thing but doesn’t affect self-esteem as much.

Conditions Treated

People with crooked teeth as well as other slight to moderate malocclusions can benefit from clear braces. It must be worn 22 hours a day, but unlike traditional metal or wire braces, can be taken off for rest and cleaning.

Target Users

According to, clear braces were developed for adults and teenagers, but not young children whose baby teeth need correction. The user needs to be cooperative in order for this type of braces to do its job. Since there is a window in which to remove them, they must not be forgotten and especially not lost.

At the same time, cleaning needs special care. While you can eat or drink most anything while wearing clear braces, remember to avoid consuming too hot beverages or drinks that can stain. It takes between 10 to 24 months for these clear aligners to work and set the teeth right.

Difference from Regular Braces

Aside from the fact that it is clear and won’t affect confidence especially when smiling, clear braces are removed for cleaning daily. Instead of metal wires, they are made of plastic or acrylic material designed with a tight fit to help the teeth move for proper alignment.

Several sets are made for each patient to adjust the movement of the teeth until it is corrected. Every several weeks, a visit to the orthodontist is required to see if it is time to move on to the next set. Metal or wire braces are more painful because they are not removed but adjusted while in the mouth.

Clear braces are more expensive, but are not an ideal option for treating severe cases like underbite and overbite. Referring to cosmetic dentists in Weybridge can give advice whether your condition makes you an ideal candidate for clear braces.

For slight to moderate misalignments of the teeth, teens and adults can benefit from clear braces. It is not only invisible, but makes one experience less discomfort as well. However, the orthodontist will recommend if the condition can be treated with invisible braces. Otherwise, you’ll have to switch to metal braces.