Types of Fishing Boat Motors

Fisher on fishing boatFishing is among the most relaxing ways to spend time alone or with your friends and family. Some people fancy the rough ocean waves while others prefer to stick to calm inland waters. Regardless of your preference, a good quality fishing boat is an essential tool.

One of the key features you will consider when buying fishing boats in Michigan, even in established shops like D&R Sports Center is their power option. A boat’s motor is its most essential component, and there are various options you will come across. Here are the main types of fishing boat motors.

Inboard Motors

Inboard motors are common among boats that are more than 26 feet long. It’s placed inside the vessel with their shafts attached to the propellers. They are usually in the middle of your boat to allow for equal weight distribution. Inboard motors have limited access and are hence difficult to maintain.

One drawback about inboard motors is that they are not ideal for shallow waters.

Outboard Motors

Outboard motors are the most popular engines for small boats. They comprised of a self-contained unit which holds the engine, a gearbox, and a propeller. They are simple to control, and these parts are detachable for storage and repairs. These motors, however, take a lot of space on the stern, and their exposed propeller can harm aquatic life.

Jet Drive Motors

These engines are inboard but do not have propellers. They, therefore, do not harm or disturb aquatic life. They have good power with low noise levels. But jet drive motors aren’t for shallow waters, as debris might enter and log the engine’s jets.

These motors are common enough that you’ll see them in most boats you see. But aside from the power it offers, look at how the manufacturer built the vessel around the motor. With that perspective, you can consider the capability of the engine and the boat itself.