Vape Guide: A Look at E-Juices’ Nicotine Levels

E-JuicesMany people are surprised to hear that there is such a thing as liquid nicotine, as most regularly associate nicotine with traditional cigarettes or patches. This lack of knowledge often creates misunderstandings, turning consumers off because of the negative connotation nicotine has picked up over the years. Many will be surprised to learn that nicotine, in moderation, is not bad for your health. As a matter of fact, some studies point out the positive effects of nicotine.


In the world of vaping, choosing the correct nicotine level for you is a separate consideration from choosing a well-designed vape. Because people react differently to different levels of nicotine, much depends on preference and experience. Let's take a look.

Too low

When your body becomes used to a certain level of nicotine, vaping a low nicotine level may tempt you to smoke cigarettes at the same time. If the nicotine level is too low, you may either vape more or light up a cigarette to compensate for the nicotine level your body prefers. Most vapers stay at or above the 6mg liquid nicotine level. Anything below, especially below 4, is generally too low.

Just right

The vast majority of cigarette smokers, when switching to vaping, will want to start with 12mg to 18mg. This is a light level nicotine strength for most e-cigarettes. Some beginners, however, may opt for lower levels if they initially find those level too harsh. Almost all e-juice flavors on the market, including new ones such as MistHub's Space Jam vape juice, are available with this nicotine level.

Too much

If you've previously been smoking light tobacco-based cigarettes and choose a full strength e-liquid nicotine strength, you may fill your body with a nicotine level higher than the level you are used to when smoking. Be mindful when you are a beginner, as more nicotine than you’re used to can cause discomfort.

From small cigarette-like devices, to battery-powered devices with electronic circuits and refillable atomizers, various types of electronic cigarettes are available. When it comes to choosing the right e-liquid, you must decide which will create your most satisfactory vaping experience.