What 3 Things to Remember Before Getting Your Brows Microbladed

Woman with beautiful eyebrowsWe cannot deny the fact that full brows are what’s trending these days. Many celebrities including Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins are known for sporting this look, and many people — boys and girls alike — are following this trend.

A couple of years back, brow microblading was introduced and people went gaga over it. The process promised perfect brows that would best suit your facial features and shape. The best part is that it stays on basically forever, as the process is similar to tattooing — but this looks more natural and flawless.

Here, beauty therapy experts in Tauranga gives you some points to consider before getting your brows microbladed.

1. Choose the Right Salon

You definitely want your brows to look natural and not drawn on. Most people regret their decision because they chose to go cheaper than prioritise quality, which of course only leads to a full-on disaster.

Do your research and look for the best salon that offers microblading in your area. Ask for samples and look at pictures of people that have undergone the treatment before. Ask the estheticians about their process to make sure that it is sanitary and correct. Lastly, ask for their certifications and licenses to make sure that their business is legal.

2. Prep your Skin

You should never spray tan or wax your eyebrows right before getting them microbladed. This can irritate the skin and can affect the final results.

You should also avoid using products that contain retinoids, alpha hydroxy acid, and exfoliators to make sure that your skin is well-prepared for the procedure. It is also advisable to avoid blood thinners, such as alcohol and aspirins, at least a week before your treatment to make sure you won’t bleed too much.

3. Be Ready for the Aftercare

You should be ready for the upkeep to make sure that your brows will stay looking amazing for a long time. Always use a sunscreen to protect your face and brows right after the procedure. The sun can fade and damage the ink, so be sure to protect it from the harsh UV rays. You should also avoid sweating too much, as this can push the pigments out of your brows. Ask your esthetician about the proper aftercare and follow it to a T.

Be never afraid to ask questions to make sure that this is the right process for you. Good luck and enjoy your brand-new brows!