What Elements to Consider to Achieve a Spring Wedding Décor

Interior wedding decorSpring is a great time to get married, wherever in the world you may be. It’s symbolic of new beginnings and hope. Flowers and plants re-emerge during this time as well, giving weddings plenty of fresh blooms in season.

In Colorado, couples who want themed weddings can get decoration rentals. These include a lot of styling and setup, so guests will be transported somewhere else as they step inside the wedding venue. There are many spring-related themes you can choose from, but here are the most popular ones:

Sakura Themed Wedding

Tourists flock to Japan in late March to early April to see the cherry blossoms. During this time, the cherry blossoms bloom and almost cover swatches of land with their flowers. The sight is lovely and captivating. It’s also a romantic scene, which is why many weddings try to capture the essence of it. To offer guests a slice of Japan during the cherry blossom season, decorators string garlands of artificial cherry blossom flowers and hang them from the ceiling. Alternatively, trees are set up at the entrance and near the tables to give guests the chance to have their pictures taken with the famous blooms.

English Garden Wedding

If Asian flowers aren’t your thing, you can go for an English garden-themed wedding. This can be relaxed and casual with pastel colors and fabrics draped for accent. For food, the highlight of the event will be the pastries reminiscent of English high tea. There will be fancy finger food, canapés, fruits, and luscious desserts. English roses also figure prominently in the décor. Most guests are excited to receive an invite to an English-themed wedding because they get to wear fancy hats for the reception. Fresh flowers and plants are also required for an authentic spring feel. Some even add swans and a pond for effect.

These are just two of a hundred possible spring-themed options for weddings. The important thing is to plan early and discuss the elements you want to have included with your decorator.