You Are Destined For Greatness Despite Having Uncontrollable Tremors

TremorsYou were busy working at the office one afternoon when, without warning, you started to feel tremors all over your body that affected smooth motor skills. Suddenly, the tremors became so violent that you are unable to stand up or sit down properly. Then you started to do some bizarre actions like plucking your clothing. Then, it suddenly stopped. As you lay there gasping for your breath, you start to wonder what could have happened.

A Seizure Disorder

According to, it is very hard to predict when and where these types of seizures can occur. In fact, while medical professionals have identified a few factors that may have contributed to the development of such ailment, they still have to determine the major causes. Although medications have been developed to treat this neurological disorder, doctors have found that there are patients who respond well to treatment while others do not. This continues to puzzle physicians.

What Happens During the Attack

Doctors say that usual cases of epilepsy involve simultaneous seizure to both sides of the brain. Aside from the uncontrollable tremors that patients endure, they also experience staring spells and they can suddenly drop to the ground. This can cause serious injuries, particularly if the patient drops backward and hits his head on concrete.

Does Epilepsy Lead to Parkinson’s Disease?

The health website,, revealed that while epilepsy seizures may be somewhat similar to Parkinson’s Disease, they are actually unrelated medical conditions. Although both of them are neurodegenerative disorders and in some cases, treated with the same drugs, they are not actually linked. This means epilepsy does not cause Parkinson’s disease in the same manner that the latter does not contribute to the development of the former.

What Do You Do?

It does not mean when you have tremors you have epilepsy. However, it is a good idea to visit a center for neurology in St George if you feel violent episodic seizures that occur anywhere between a few seconds to a couple of minutes. Your doctor can tell what is wrong with you and advise you what to do, particularly with epilepsy triggers.

Epilepsy is not an unusual disorder and can be caused by genetics or head injuries and depression. It is also not contagious so if you happen to sit near a person who suddenly experiences violent seizures, do not run away. Instead, provide a loving embrace and speak words of comfort. This helps them become calm.